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Carl A. Nelson
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Chula Vista, California

Carl Nelson, a former Navy captain, is a best selling author whose career as a writer, poet, and playwright has spanned more than twenty-nine years. During that time he has published eight non-fiction books, three full-length novels, many short stories, a stage play, poems, articles, and technical papers. His novels include: The Advisor (Co-Van), based on his Vietnam War experiences; Secret Players, a cold war thriller; and Madam President and the Admiral, a political-military thriller nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Dr. Nelson’s non-fiction books include the top selling Import/Export: How to Take Your Business Across Borders, McGraw-Hill, 4th Ed., 2009.

Selected works by this author:
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The Message of the Puzzle Ring: A True Story That Can Change Your Life (and the World)
How do I become a real man, or, for that matter, a woman? Whom should I pattern my life after? Do I have the right to rise? How can I change? read more
by Carl A. Nelson ~ 0-7414-6727-5 ©2011
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Annapolis: The Making of a Naval Officer
This is the fourth book in the Blake Lawrence series. Graduates of the Naval Academy might recognize that this story could span any period of the twentieth century with a little spilled over on each side. In this case Blake enters the Naval Academy during the middle of the 20th century and faces the barriers and challenges placed in front of young men (and more recent, women) who aspire to a naval career: academic as well as hazing. It takes him into heroic situations both at sea and ashore in foreign places. Lawrence is based on situations that actually happened at Annapolis. The stories have, of course, been embellished to protect the innocent as well as the author and his friends; the names, characters, places and incidents are used fictitiously. The characters are composites and any resemblance to real people living or dead is entirely coincidental. read more
by Carl A. Nelson ~ 0-7414-7645-2 ©2012
Price: $20.95

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Boot Camp Buddies
As a former enlisted sailor and officer in the United States Navy, Carl Nelson is well suited to write this book. In his first career, he rose from boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Station in Wisconsin to a highly decorated Navy captain by way of Annapolis and a naval career that spanned more than thirty-three years. It included duty as faculty at West Point and Annapolis, four tours of duty in the Vietnam War. His sea assignments included commanding officer of the guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Worden CG-18, the frigate U.S.S. Cook FF-1083, the towing/salvage vessel U.S.S. Cocopa ATF 101, and as the senior military advisor (Commanding Officer) of sailors and Marines in the Rung Sat Special Zone (RSSZ), a brown water riverine unit. Since retirement from the Navy he has earned a doctorate, taught as a professor and is now an author listed in Who’s Who in California, 1989, Who’s Who in America, 2006, Who’s Who in American Education, 2006, and Who’s Who in the World, 2007. read more
by Carl A. Nelson ~ 0-7414-7782-3 ©2012
Price: $12.95

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