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Caroline Ludovici
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London/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born and raised in the heart of London, Caroline has always had a yearning for hot, desolate, distant lands. She would escape the smartly dressed crowds and glitzy shops, to experience something more meaningful to her; to see, feel and taste different cultures of the world. Caroline’s passion for history and archaeology, and of exploring ancient sights, leaves no doubt as to how her experiences have flowed so effortlessly and naturally into the core of her books. Caroline currently lives in America, but is always planning her next escape… and the setting for her next book.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Obsidian Mask
An exciting desert adventure, where Natasha and her brother, are kidnapped with two Italian teens, for a priceless Mesopotamian artifact unearthed by their archaeologist parents from an ancient Warrior-Queen’s tomb. The first book in the series. read more
by Caroline Ludovici ~ 0-7414-7064-0 ©2011
Price: $16.95

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2 .
Secrets of the River
Natasha and Alex, while staying in Italy with Gabriella and Lorenzo, uncover a long-guarded hidden identity, but discover the hard way that some secrets are better left well alone. read more
by Caroline Ludovici ~ 1-4958-0346-5 ©2014
Price: $20.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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