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Sherri Marie Modano
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Stratforf, New Jersey

I have been writing and journaling since a young teenager. Younger, I did not understand my gifts. It took many years for me to even begin to understand the dream messages and visions I received. I began learning the meanings of the symbolisms inside dreams; to interpret and ‘decode’ my dreams and better understand them. I have always received messages, but now I better understand what they (Divine) tries to tell me. I started intuitive readings for family members and for friends. That led me to conducting private readings in my home.

Selected works by this author:
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Fruit of the Mountain
"Fruit of the Mountain" is a combination of meditations, poetry and reflections that explore living the ups and downs of life through a filter of peace, knowing what it is to be a beloved child of God. read more
by Sherri Marie Modano ~ 0-7414-7116-7 ©2012
Price: $13.95

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Sacred Warrior
Allow spirit to guide you through this book. All my writings are divinely inspired and I hope the words bring comfort to you and allow you to realize you are never alone. I see myself as a hollow bone in which spirit works through me. I could not do what I do without spirit. This book includes some of my spiritual drawings, as well as inspirational, automatic writings. The most important message I want people to know is - think outside the box. Instead of wanting to become the eagle, be the sky the eagle flies in. Allow yourself to think on a much higher level, for you are a light and you are capable of so much more than you realize. I want people to not put titles or fences on things - - just allow things to be. In doing so, we give way for greatness and endless capabilities. There is a great awakening happening, a shifting. The feminine is rising. May she continue to soar. I thank God, Great White Spirit, above all, for giving me the opportunities that have come to me. I am humbled and grateful for all that has come to me at my age. To all the beautiful healers out there in this world, bless you for your loving work. read more
by Sherri Marie Modano ~ 0-7414-8487-0 ©2013
Price: $17.95

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