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Sandy Logan
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Reston, Virginia

Sandy Logan is a writer, songwriter and a business woman who has seen many acts of bullying throughout her life. She has mentored and listened to many stories about surviving bullying abuse.
There have been recent acts among various groups, organizations and celebrities to prevent bullying. Sandy is hoping her message will assist with the effort and perhaps give the bully a second thought when they have an urge to tease and ridicule an individual. She hopes that her book will raise enough attention to make bullying not just a conversation piece, but one that will force action by everyone.

Selected works by this author:
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Twin Justice Survived: Our Stories of Bullying
What happens to an individual who is constantly abused, ridiculed, and demeaned by Bullies? What happens later when they try, but can’t forget? Well --They get even. read more
by Sandy Logan ~ 0-7414-7830-7 ©2012
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