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CL Wilson
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Kansas City, Missouri

CL WILSON, born in Kansas. She wrote her first blue ribbon poem “Once upon a time during Xmas” second grade. In the sixth grade she wrote her first short story, “Momma Knows Best”. In high school, she wrote her first novel, “Wait a Minute, Audrey”. She married after college and seven years later, CL was the primary parent for two children. Putting her writing career on hold, CL, kept notes for futuristic stories, and in 2003 she wrote “THRICE THE SONGBIRD SANG”. She now resides in Missouri, writing papers, short stories and poems.

Selected works by this author:
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Thrice the Songbird Sang
Houston was born when his mother was sixteen. At a early age, he took the responsibility of care taker for his mother, Beverly, and his brother Dallas, Living in Dallas, TX, Houston, matured fast, learning to protected his mother and brother from his father, Bill, an angry, brutal, self centered man, who terrorized everyone who could not and would not reciprocate his deadly fear. Austin, two years younger than Dallas, joined Houston and Dallas’s family to escape from his sister, Judith, an evil person, who fells no remorse for her malicious conduct. The three boys became inseparable; learning to stay one step ahead of people wanting to separate them and give them pain. Houston begs his mother to leave the city. She refused. Distress, Houston decides to leave Texas. He realizes he could kill, mingle and/or slaughter those around him who caused so much discomfort. Dallas and Austin convinced him that they would not stay in the city without him. So, the boys ventured out on their on their own to find happiness by playing their guitars dreaming of becoming rock and roll stars. Their dreams become invisible until they meet “Grandpa” a horse rancher, who educated them on style, words, and harmony Infatuated with the music he learns from, Grandpa, Houston is possessed with a demonic beast who wishes him dead. The songbird comforts him (as it did when he was a child) when he gives battle for his life and the life of his brother and friend. Will the boys ever find happiness in the music or is the music an illusion? Forced to leave the place of peace, the boys must transmit what they have learned on the ranch to a bigger, hollow world. read more
by CL Wilson ~ 0-7414-6652-X ©2013
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