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Pairama Wright
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Spearwood, Perth

My life changed when I nearly drowned 20 years ago & saw my body from what felt like 50 meters above the ocean...”I was saved?” but everything from that moment on was never quite the same..?
I “knew within” that we are very much more than a body and this physical world we live in is just a playground to express our essential nature of blissful light & ever new joy in whatever form that may take...
Every day I thank the universe for giving me the experience of feeling the divine life-force while viewing my body below in the ocean that day...

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Zen of Chaos
A serious but not so serious look at life and everything that prevents us from keeping in touch with our essential nature... A joyful voyage accompanied by over 90 resonating photographs...all with a slightly left of centre (but connecting!) zen-chaotic bent... A new way to start thinking about things "you always knew" were not quite right...but were never bold enough to admit to yourself... Enjoy...let go & shine again as little children... read more
by Pairama Wright ~ 0-7414-7838-2 ©2013
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