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Charla Puccino
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East Haven, Connecticut

Charla is an exercise enthusiast who loves running, lifting weights and hiking. When she is not working out, she is writing. Although the journey wasn’t always easy, Charla was able to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Journalism. Throughout her professional experiences in the newspaper, television and radio industries, Charla has come to realize that writing is what she enjoys most about the journalism field. Since she was a child she has dreamt of being the author of a children’s book that is heartwarming, relatable and able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Selected works by this author:
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How Hope Saved Halloween
How Hope Saved Halloween is a story about how one man’s hatred for Halloween lead him to carry out an evil plan that would destroy the holiday forever. As he watched from a distance to witness the pain and sadness he had brought to the town of Terrorville, the place where Halloween is celebrated every day, he was shocked by the people’s reaction to the scene of destruction he had created. The actions of one brave child caused the man to become overwhelmed with guilt, and it left him wondering why and how he had become so evil. read more
by Charla Puccino ~ 1-4958-0415-1 ©2014
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