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Alice S. Fish
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W. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

ALICE DEVINE FISH, is a biblical theorist and commentary writer for her website, Her King James Holy Bible Theories on Revelation and on other Bible scriptures were developed from more than 30 years of her own spiritual theoretical searching of the Bible meanings, and from her own natural interest in the inner meanings of the old English language, and of the ancient scriptural language. Alice is a fourth generation Christian Science family and family member of U.S.A. founders George Washington and Robert Livingston. She recognized the U.S. Constitution and Mrs. Eddy in the Holy Bible.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
God's Comforters
God’s Comforters reveals the two witnesses, the woman who fled into the wilderness and the great eagle with two wings foreseen by St. John in Revelation of the Holy Bible. read more
by Alice S. Fish ~ 9781495808203 ©2016
Price: $16.95

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2 .
Mankind's War with the Beast and the Dragon
Mankind’s War with the Beast and the Dragon is about our present times of 2015. A global government, global planners and global ELF Broadcasting are written of by St. John. read more
by Alice S. Fish ~ 9781495808456 ©2016
Price: $27.95

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3 .
Whore of Future Babylon
Whore of Future Babylon book identifies the Elite Global Control capstone organizations of our present times as the Whore who corrupts the earth, and the nations and all mankind. read more
by Alice S. Fish ~ 1-4958-1263-4 ©2017
Price: $22.95

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