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Maria R. Eckhoff
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W. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Maria R. Eckhoff was puzzled by her late father’s unwillingness to talk about his experiences in World War II. With this and other questions in mind, she embarked on a journey of discovery that tested her knowledge of history. After piecing together bits of memorabilia, haunting antique stores, crawling through vintage planes, touring a Landing Ship Tank (LST), and learning more about the War in the Pacific, she tells a universal story focusing on the activities of Larry and others from the Class of 1943, often in their own words. Maria is the author of two other books.

Selected works by this author:
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I'm Doing Fine -- Don't Forget to Write
Catapulted into a world of uncertainty, fueled by patriotism and high expectations, a young enlistee and his peers navigate wartime service, their spirits buoyed by two simple words “Mail Call!” read more
by Maria R. Eckhoff ~ 9781495812033 ©2016
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