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S. Z. Ahmed
Houston, Texas

Dr. S.Z. Ahmed is a cultural anthropologist and is also an independent documentary film producer who worked for and received his doctorate in England. He lived for twenty years in Europe before residing in the U.S.A. in 1970. He has traveled over 142 countries around the world and has lived with many people of the most remote, primitive regions in Africa and Sound America and Asia. He has produced over 40 documentary films for television which have been exhibited in Europe, North, South and Central America.

As President and Executive Producer of Xploration International, Dr. Ahmed has interacted with numerous head of states and government agencies in connection with his expeditions, films and research. His most recent research took him to Turkey, China and Mongolia to explore his studies at the time of the ancient empress. He is the author of Ruwenzori, a journey to Central Africa to study and research the Pygmies of the Rainforest which he has submitted a dissertation for his doctorate. Dr. Ahmed has written several other books as well. Twilight of Empire – this is about the exile of the last Mughal Emperor of India. Twilight on the Silk Road – tells of his journey to the fable Cities of Central Asia Samarkand, Bokhara and Khiva. On Caucasia where he traveled, he wrote Twilight on the Caucasus. Next he wrote Incredible Journeys Around the World – which is an account of the author’s travel into some of the most remote and known regions of the globe to search out those cultures and people who have rarely been reported on. His book The Tales of Imperial China & Asia tells of the lives of empresses, emperors and concubines of Imperial China. Also, it deals with the life of average Chinese people and other in India, Turkey, Japan, and Afghanistan. The book titled Travels in Shangri-La – telling of his journeys between Hindu Kush & Karakorum. After this book, he wrote East of Tien Shan and unforgettable journey into China’s Ancient past and present.

Dr. Ahmed’s life work demonstrates his enduring fascination with cultural diversity and his commitment to the promotion of the cultural awareness and understanding of the differences among the people of this planet. His body of work will preserve the cultural richness of primitive societies many of which are either now extinct or vanishing for future generations.

Selected works by this author:
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