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Compensatory Adaptation: Understanding How Obstacles Can Lead to Success

Ned Kock (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1253-5 ©2003
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 128 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

This book takes you on a journey of exploration of this simple yet remarkable phenomenon, called "compensatory adaptation".

What could a deaf-blind American writer, a wheelchair-bound British astrophysicist, and a martial arts family from Brazil, have in common? This book argues that there is one extraordinary thing that connects them, and that is also inherent in all of us: the ability to compensate for obstacles that are posed to us and achieve extraordinary success. The book takes you on an exploratory journey of this simple yet remarkable phenomenon, called "compensatory adaptation".

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Customer Reviews

  Great book! , 01/24/2010
Reviewer: Mark Berstrom
This is one of the best books I've read in quite some time. The stories are really inspiring!

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  Short page turner , 01/25/2010
Reviewer: Jose Garza-Cisneros
This book is relatively short, and a page turner. Well worth the small price. I read it in 4 days, even re-reading some parts. The main idea (CA) is very interesting, and makes sense - people subconsciously compensate for obstacles, a re-wiring of the brain. The cases discussed indeed make a strong case for CA.

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  How can one benefit from CA? , 03/29/2010
Reviewer: A reader
Yes, the cases in the book are ineteresting, but how can someone benefit from CA? Helen Keller, Stephen Hawkings - they were put in their situation against their will.

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  Very good book! , 04/15/2010
Reviewer: CA reader
I was not aware that Keller and Hawking had done those things! Hawking's disease, and how he compensated for it, that's an amazing story. Now I understand his vanishing black holes theory ...

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