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A Man Called Jake

Carlie G. Butts (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1321-3 ©2002
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 410 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Action & Adventure

A Man Called Jake, is based on the life of the author’s great-grandfather Jacob B. Butt Sr. and his grandfather Jacob B. Butt Jr., as they blazed their way into the wilderness area of Oconee County, South Carolina in the early the 1800’s, and the hardships and sorrows that befell them along the way. This is more than just a story about one particular family, for it involves many other pioneer families as well, as they worked side by side and hand in hand just like one large family, in their determination to conquer the wilderness, and make it a better place to live for those of us who were to follow later.

Just like any good novel should be written, the author leaves no stone unturned or any truth hidden, as he carefully leads you step by step down through the years from 1774 until the death of his grandmother in 1928 (154 Yrs.). You will find yourself laughing one moment at the funny things that the children did while they were growing up, only to be brought to tears a moment later as you witness the sadness and heartaches that came to them, as they grow older. Not like some writers who skip over the embarrassing things and try to keep them hidden from the public, this author deals with facts, as he tells of the cruelty of parents to their children, murderers, cruelty of children toward their parents, as well as children born out of wedlock, and whatever else came along during their life.

With documented facts supporting it, and with stories, legends, and folklore woven into it as only this author can do, causes it to be one of the most interesting, and down to earth stories ever written about that time in the history of our great nation. From early pioneer days down through The Civil War era, and on through World War I, you will walk along step by step, and side by side with these rugged pioneers, as they blaze their way into the wilderness, and helped to lay the foundation on which our nation was build, and handed down to us the many freedoms and luxuries that we are enjoying today.

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Customer Reviews

  A Man Called Jake , 11/05/2006
Reviewer: Betty Blackwell
I really enjoyed this book. I will have to say it is the first book I have read from cover to cover ...I just could not put it down.It is true facts about how hard it was for families here in Oconee county,South Carolina.I have always loved reading anything about the history of Oconee , and this was a great book.

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  Great , 09/24/2011
Reviewer: Sara Beck Jennings
I very much enjoyed reading this book.I remember waiting for it to come in the mail from my guncle Carlie.The wait was worth ever day!I read it almost straight threw,I saved the last few pages b/c I didnt want to be done.I could not believe this was really MY ancestor's I was reading about.At times I felt like I was really there with them.It's a great read for anybody.If you like the south and wonder what went on in the mind's of ppl at that time it's a must read!!

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  , 10/27/2012
Reviewer: Marvin R Miller
Absolutely the best book I have read on this area and era. I was reared in the westminster area and have visited all these places. Makes me wish I had chosen another vocation than electronics and computers. I knew Silas Butts.

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