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Rockstar, Stud, Gigolo

Torrance Stephens (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1480-5 ©2003
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 114 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Passion, Excitement, Romance and life are lived to the utmost in all of the characters of these stories.

Rock Star Stud Gigolo is a thrilling collection of stories, told forms the new South. Stories, including the big three, deal with developing and losing relationships with women, but finding comfort in friendship in general. Cutlass Daddy’s and Wicked Ego Strokin’ are political treatise that basically shows how small experiences can end up being life or death situations for young black men. In all of these stories you can feel and see the author’s passion through his unique use of language. These stories are a definite new look into the eyes of black men in the years of the mid 80s.

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Customer Reviews

  rockstar,stud,gigolo , 11/12/2003
Reviewer: sandy
this is a good book it catches your attention i would buy it to see whut happens next on that beach n now being i know the author it's got to be steamy ,yet theres so much more to be captivated in this book of suspence.

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Reviewer: malik
I was once roomates with this individual at Morehouse College in Atlanta,Ga and watched him go from scraps of note pad paper to short story king. He has numerous other books to follow Rockstar so be sure to read them. If you havent read Matter of Attention yet,I suggest you pick it up and read it asap. Torrence is a very eccentric writer who has and always write from his very own perspective and not bite his tongue for the reader(s). you either love him or you hate him. This individual is truly a gifted and talented writer. Peace & Love! Yo T--- keep putting out hits you know how we feel about the world.

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  characters/settings bring stories to life , 12/19/2003
Reviewer: Ayanna
I find your work to be very vivid. The adjectives you use in describing your characters and settings truly bring the story to life! The author has quite a penchant for capturing a certain 'energy' in his stories. Though I was craving a bit more at the end, I was still satisfied upon completion. I think that is the trick to writing a good short story, and you seem to have that mastered.

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  Testimonal for Torrance , 12/20/2003
Reviewer: Angela Eniola
Readers of Torrence Stephens book can expect a journey into souls of modern day relationships and how each of us learn to navigate in today's society.

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  Passionate writing at its best! , 01/08/2004
Reviewer: Sherry A. Ballenger, Editor
RockStar, Stud, Gigolo…the essence of organic prose. Torrance Stephens’ style of writing engulfs the reader with language that is audaciously pure. Through this collection of short stories, he very cleverly paints his characters with intense, dramatic and alarming truth. The reader is captured and thrust into a fine-tuned, take-no-prisoners world that is contrary to our restricted and ordered society. These brief glimpses into the lives of the characters leave the reader captivated and satisfied, but wanting more. I look forward to more brilliant work from Torrance Stephens.

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  Raw, real, dreadlocked and dangerous , 07/26/2005
Reviewer: Edward J. Carvalho
Few writers can authenticate the shift between the erudite and the sounds of the street corner like Stephens can. On the turn of a few pages in ROCKSTAR, STUD, GIGOLO, Stephens goes from footnoting "diasporic" as "throughout this whole motherf@cker" to using a quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau for the preface to "Stud", one of the eponymous stories in the collection. Raw, real, dreadlocked and dangerous, Dr. Torrance Stephens should be standard reading for anyone wanting to learn more about the often side-stepped truths in modern American society.

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