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The Glass Ball

Vivia Giovannini (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1923-8 ©2004
Price: $17.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 323 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical

The Glass Ball is a headlong journey into the depths of the human spirit, as one boy advances the spiritual evolution of humankind with the help of an unlikely trinity.

Born at the turn of the Twentieth Century and orphaned at a young age, Timothy Collins discovers truth through the eyes of those he meets; a truth that opens him to the spirituality of the Great Manitou, a mighty hawk and a sentient glass ball that mysteriously collaborate to carry Timothy from abject poverty to undeniable wealth, but a man is judged by the decisions he makes, and Timothy’s journey rockets along an emotional rollercoaster of incredible success and utter despair - a journey that in the end realizes the power of a human spirit and its oneness with the Universe.

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Customer Reviews

  An epic that gives the ultimate gift , 03/25/2004
Reviewer: Justin
I can't express how big an effect this book will have on those that read it cover to cover. It is the life journey of Timothy, but also the realization that we are all able to find the importace of the Glass Ball as our own spirit in tangible form. If I read a book that touches my heart more than this story did, it will probably be written by Vivia Giovannini.

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  An Amazing Journey , 04/11/2004
Reviewer: Joyce
The journey of young Timothy is amazing. The insight that is given causes one to not be able to put the book down. It is not a matter of reading this book, but of entering into it! It covered so many places and emotions. I felt the author's love and experience throughout each page. I am hopeful there will be a sequel.

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  Could not put it down! , 04/14/2004
Reviewer: Joy Collins
Vivia is an excellent storyteller and writer. She weaves a tale that combines both a life and a belief. On the surface this is the story of Timothy. Woven through it all, though, is the belief that we are all connected and everything in this life has meaning, purpose, and consciousness. If you want a book that will affect you on many levels and entertain you as well, this is it!

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  Coloradoan's Dream , 05/03/2004
Reviewer: Ann Marie
This book has much to offer to those looking for adventure, mystery, and history. Anyone familiar with Colorado would delve right into this story. The character development is amazing to the point of the reader hating to see each character disappear, even that of the glass ball! The only part that was difficult for me to read was the antagonism toward the Catholic Church and disbelief in God as I interpret the reading.

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  A great read! , 05/06/2004
Reviewer: Penny
This a wonderfully written book with excellent character development. I could see each character and each setting perfectly; book flows so well, and one looks forward to returning to it after setting it down. Certainly anyone who has lived in CO will find it especially captivating. Beyond being a good story, the author raises poignant issues about our place in the universe and relationship to others. I didn't feel it was anti-catholic; as a christian reader, I still definitely feel that there are gems of wisdom to be taken from this book, regardless of one's specific religious beliefs. Definitely recommend!

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  There should be a Timothy. , 05/21/2004
Reviewer: Rene O'Deay
Viva Giovanni’s debut novel, THE GLASS BALL, begins with the lure of sylvanite, that elusive ore that carries gold. Caught in the web of that allure in Cripple Creek, Colorado, the Collins family begins the new 20th century with the birth of Timothy which almost costs his mother her life. THE GLASS BALL, a magical sphere, has been sent like a guardian angel, to guide Timothy through the hazards of his turbulent life. The crucible of the mountain mining town leaves the Collins family torn apart, yet the Glass Ball and Timothy’s natural goodness guide him through the perils of destitution, the loss of first his mother, then his father, the myriad faces of prejudice, and World War I. His fortunes take a sudden turn, bringing riches and unexpected sorrows. Through it all he tries to make his world a better place for other misfortunate and for the Colorado mountain lands he loves. THE GLASS BALL is a heartwarming, inspiring story of one man’s life who overcame odds, and tried and succeeded in making a difference. Let’s hope there really is more of those metaphysical GLASS BALLS. Review by Rene' O’Deay, author of SUN CHILD, PRINCE OF EGYPT.

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  Can't Wait for Vivia's Next Book! , 08/16/2004
Reviewer: LinDee Rochelle
Vivia Giovannini is a founding member of Women Writers of the Desert (Phoenix, AZ) and we are proud to have watched her evolution throughout the production of this beautiful first novel. Vivia's The Glass Ball is an exemplary example of sleeping talent finally bursting forth. She has written a wonderful story that pursues truth and beauty throughout a man's lifetime, leaving the reader examining his or her own life for ways to improve. Vivia is definitely an author to watch for future works. L.Rochelle, Founder - Women Writers of the Desert

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  This book makes you want to savor each word. , 06/13/2005
Reviewer: Margie Beus
I started reading this book in the middle of the night, could not put it down. I was moved to tears. The characters were well developed, the book incorporated so much history and different beliefs and values. It reminded me of God Is An Englishman, but better! I definately want a sequel, I can hardly wait to see how the next holder of the Glass Ball uses this rare opprotunity. Years ago, I was a speed reader, but I stopped, so I could savor each word. This book will have you enjoying each word, yet wanting to know more. It is definately the best book I have read in a very long time. I am a book-hound so read a lot of books, but it is definately the best!

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