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Hazel and Daemon

Kackie L. Saunders (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2292-1 ©2004
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 238 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Bad girl Hazel and good boy Daemon really do have a future together! That is, if famous actor Trace Landon doesn’t get in the way…

Hazel is a “bad” girl, and Daemon is a “good” boy. Through the power of God, friendship and the imagination, Daemon helps Hazel change her life. An extremely popular actor named Trace Landon has more ties to them then you expect, and may stand in their way of each other. The three of them have to come together, though, to find their “happy ending,” in the midst of their complicated, chaotic lives.

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Customer Reviews

  I give this book 3 thumbs up! , 11/05/2004
Reviewer: Ashley
I'm not the biggest book person. If I finished your book, consider it a HUGE compliment. I could not put Hazel and Daemon down. The book is easy to relate to, and has its points where you want to cry, laugh, sing, giggle, jump for joy. You would not believe how good the book is. I was reading and reading and reading. The author made the book to be like real life, and she certainly has. My favorite part of the book is when I read the first word until the very last word. I loved it all! I would read it over and over again! For being the authors first book published, she started off GREAT! I know I'll be reading all of her books!!

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  It's a must read!!! , 11/08/2004
Reviewer: Steph
I have only read the about 13 chapters of the book, however what i can say is that it is a brilliant book, i am really looking forward to reading the rest. As a reader, i can relate to most of the main characters and fully understand what they are going through. The author has done an amazing job for her first book and can't wait to read what she has in store for us next!!! Well Done Kackie!

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  Enjoyable read! , 11/17/2004
Reviewer: Danita
I have not read the entire story yet, but through what I have read so far, this is a wonderful book. I feel that I can easily relate to the characters and they have great chemistry together. Often times I find books slow, but "Hazel and Daemon" is entertaining, and it is difficult to put the book down. I recommend this book to anyone! Congratulations Kackie on your first published novel! You are very talented so keep it up!

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  Great Characters , 03/08/2005
Reviewer: Steve
You get to know the characters little by little, just like you would real people. The longer you know them, the more you find out about them. These are like real people you knew in school.

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  The World Needs It , 04/16/2005
Reviewer: Dominic
Hazel and Daemon" is an absolutely wonderful book. There's certainly a lot to it: it feels longer and more involved than you might expect from looking at it. The characters, plots, and settings were sooo realistic, it's like I'm really there... As for the message of the story, let it suffice to say that the book ought to be required reading for teens! There's a lot more I could (and probably will some time) say, but I better be going to bed. Thanks for a great read. You ought to keep writing that sort of thing: the world needs it.

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  Fantastic , 07/08/2005
Reviewer: Naya
I loved reading Heazel and Deamon. It is a fantastic book and I couldn't put it down. The real-life experiences make it seem as if you are there inside with the characters. I could relate with Heazel, and Deamon was every girls kind of dream. We'll find our Deamon's someday Kackie! I can't wait till she is done with her next book.

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