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Phenie's World

M.J. Cobb Young (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2447-9 ©2005
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 283 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Women

Phenie dreamed of independence as a young woman, and struggled as a widow just to survive and support her family during the dust bowl and Great Depression.

PHENIE’S WORLD is a fictional story based upon the life of the author’s paternal grandmother, Pheby Caroline Holmes Cobb. Created around researched historical facts, this chronicle of Phenie’s life gifts the reader with true stories of train robberies, murder, courageous tales of a family’s journey by covered wagon from Arkansas to Indian Territory in 1903, to a widow’s struggle to survive and support her family during the dust bowl and Great Depression. Her saga, spanning the years 1885-1960, is personalized throughout with journal entries, and brings to life all the violence, hunger, friendship, courage, and family solidarity that characterized Phenie’s times.

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Customer Reviews

  Enduring Story, a must read , 04/01/2005
Reviewer: Emlynn Falk
This book has the wonderful hearfelt flavor of John Grisham's "A Painted House" and Willa Cather's writings...The rich and soulful discriptions makes us feel we are there, that we are part of this story. If you like to cry and laugh when reading a book, really become involved in the story, this book strikes at your emotions. It's a remarkable story of the faith and strength of a pioneer woman...Anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction of this era will have a most pleasant and satisfying read. You will want more from this charming and expressive writer...

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  A compelling feminist story , 05/02/2005
Reviewer: Eve Visconti
Phenie's World is a sleeper, starting slowly, but gracefully building into a very compelling story of the end of the pioneer era. A story of courage and fortitude, of resilience, and love. Phenie's World is a page turner - you care about her and her family, and keep wanting to know what will happen next. Obviously a labor of love.

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  Phenie's World , 06/20/2005
Reviewer: diane smock
This book was beautifully written about the life of one woman and was a very enjoyable read. Phenie's world is one that I think many people will relate to.

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  Captivating , 07/03/2005
Reviewer: Leonard Sanders
This story moves with a nearly urgent pace along the path of Phenie’s life. And yet throughout there are many periods of her story where I desired to remain in those blissful moments of happiness as I longed for Phenie and her loved ones to dwell longer. At the outset, I felt almost a part of her life rejoicing in her pleasures and grieving with her heartaches. The urgency comes through a style of writing that engenders eager anticipation of what will happen next and how Phenie and others will react. This is a rich story at once delightful, enchanting and full of realism. Mary Jane’s portrayal of the simple things in life is done in a way that truly engrosses the reader. Word pictures abound capturing the imagination. This book enriches the heritage our country with events peculiar to the times and places. Once you begin the journey you will not want to stop until finished. Leonard and Patricia Sanders

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