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Paper Wraps Rock

Thomas B. Shea (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-2496-7 ©2005
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 150 pages
Category/Subject: SPORTS & RECREATION / Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Karate Master and Professor Thomas B. Shea, Ph.D. shares his insights and observations that show how the martial arts training can improve your health, school, career advancement and personal relationships

Karate Master and University Professor Tom Shea shares his experience with how earnest yet peaceful martial arts training can enrich one¹s entire life and bring out the winner inside everyone. Not everyone can be a tournament champion or a great fighter, but the confidence that can be gained from training as it was originally intended... training which uses one¹s mind and not just one¹s fistŠprovides skills for health, peace of mind, school, career advancement, and personal relationships.

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Customer Reviews

  The Piercing Eye of Insight. , 10/05/2005
Reviewer: Mike Clarke
This book may appear to be small in size, but like all good books, it should not be judged by it's cover. The author has trained in shotokan karate-do for over thirty years and in this book has shared many of the lessons he has learnt during that time. As a fellow writer, and a student of karate myself for over three dacades, I can say with some conviction that this small tome will help those who are starting out on the path of budo, to see more clearly the deeper meanings behind the lessons they learn in the dojo. Though sometimes simplistic, sometimes subtle, the insight found within the pages of this book will no doubt leave their mark on all who read it. Even experienced budo-ka will find much to help illuminate their path In a world where the traditional values of budo karate seem to be eroding, or slipping away, and are perhaps in danger of being lost to future generations of budo-ka, Paper Wraps Rock shines like a beacon of light, on a dark night. Well written, funny, and in many ways: innocent. This is a book I am very please to have on my shelf. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought all my students a copy for Christmas! Mike Clarke, Kyoshi 7th dan Okinawa Goju-ryu [Jundokan]

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  A Reflection , 10/07/2005
Reviewer: Mike
Sensei Tom Shea has recorded a glimpse into the soft side of karate with Paper Wraps Rock. As a student of his, seeing some of the insights that have been shared within the dojo delights me to no end. To then be offered up additional anecdotes that have been equally beneficial to my training as well as mind. I have yet to understand the depth of Sensei's knowledge until completion of this book. Sensei Shea shows a deep understanding of the alternate, yet equally important, side of karate that is less obvious than the fighting prowess. His reflection of events and knack for engaging the reader in the occurrences of his life has addressed a predominantly over looked portion of the martial arts in beginners: the soft side. It is a great companion for any karate student seeking a path towards understanding. Sensei Shea does not stop with lessons for only those who have experienced training but translates his experiences into support for any reader who seeks philosophical outlooks to improve his or her life style. The author has compiled a wonderful collection of anecdotes and lessons that can be applied to all ages and experiences. The only pre-requisite for buying Paper Wraps Rock is a willingness to reflect on what is offered from Sensei Tom Shea.

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  Wonderful Book for Everyone , 10/17/2005
Reviewer: Martin Thirds
This book is a great coffee table book as well as an insighful Karate text. One can read it through or simply read a few pages at a time. Each insight is contained withing a few pages. This also makes this a wonderful "thought of the day" type of book. I would also recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about Karate (or other Martial Art Form) but has not yet stepped foot in a dojo. Kaizen !

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