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The Crossroads: A Tale of First Love

T. Hurley (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3644-2 ©2006
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 146 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

She could not speak. He had no friends. His passion for her silence fueled their romance. But soon, she would be forced to surrender that silence. To save his life.

From the Author of "Windows of Opportunity©", comes an enchanting love story. Dusty and Jean are lonely country teenagers who meet one summer. He is immediately smitten with her beauty, and she with his warm heart. His fascination for her grows when he discovers she cannot speak due to a tragic accident. But sadly, he is rejected and even threatened by her relatives. Defiantly, they escape daily into the countryside and enjoy a whirlwind summer filled with laughter and love. When her relatives discover their rendezvous, they learn a lesson which heals old wounds, renews long-lost friendships, and even makes him a hero.

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Customer Reviews

  Absolutely Loved This Book! , 12/20/2006
Reviewer: Lori Lynn Verhagen
Once I started reading I couldn't stop! I was mesmerized by the tales of Dusty's family and began to know Dusty as if he were real. Included in this love story are heart-breaking tales of love, both lost and won, hysterical moments, and even some bewildering presense living in the woods. I look forward to further stories from this author and Dusty's life experiences. Maybe even an action adventure once he and Charlie step beyond the Grey Oaks....

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  Great , 01/04/2007
Reviewer: Mark
It's great to see this author's range. A neat love story - with an exciting twist!

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  Cute Love Story , 01/08/2007
Reviewer: Andrea, New Holstein, WI
I received this book from my mom (in NJ) and she asked me to read it - "new author" - try it out for size, sorta thing. I was quite suprised! I read it in a day and was sad when it was over. I was most impressed with the story line showing love regardless of physical disability. Even though I figured out the ending, I enjoyed the Crossroads! If there are anymore exploits of Dusty, I might even buy the book myself! (Thanks Mom!) Nice Job Mr Hurley!

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  Romeo and Juliet without the tragedy! , 01/11/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Glasgow
Reading this book reminded me a lot of Romeo and Juliet withour the tragedy of both characters dying in the end. Love strong enough to unite feuding families and even create miracles. A MUST READ!!

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  delightful story , 01/22/2007
Reviewer: Colette Roberts
The Crossroads is a wonderful coming of age story-the characters come to life on every page. The main character, Dusty, is curious, energetic, and kind. I totally loved his relationship with his dog Charlie...the loyalty of boy and dog and their adventures. When Dusty meets Jean, a traumatized young woman, he is the only one who can communicate with her, much to everyone's amazement. The honesty of Dusty and his family members is wonderful. Aunt Sallie's openness and truth telling opened Dusty's eyes about male/female relationships, something you don't often read in stories about growing up. The Crossroads does not gloss over the seamier side of their lives-acknowledging instead the sometime squalor and misery the lives of some in their community. And in spite of the squabbles and disagreements that occur, there is a great deal of caring among this community-adults and children alike. The respect shown is evident in the description of the cookie purchases. This is a delightful love story, with miracles and truth throughout the book. I enjoyed it very much!

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