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The Pedagogue: Educating Montana

Charley Roll (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3747-3 ©2007
Price: $15.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 250 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Humorous

Survival in rural Montana requires an impoverished pedagogue to live in two conflicting worlds–teacher and section-worker–providing context for a ribald narrative laced with humor, romance, and educational challenges.

To survive in rural Montana, an impoverished pedagogue is forced to live in two radically different worlds–one of thought and learning as a teacher, the other rough and vulgar, as a section hand working on the railroad.

It is a compelling, ribald story–full of humor, pathos, hope, and educational challenges–some would say the rural counterpart to Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man.

The book is also a love story about a man who is moved by great poetry and conflicted by his passions, but who ultimately suppresses his more base desires and conforms to the norms of society.

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Customer Reviews

  I wish I'd had Carl in junior high! , 08/27/2007
Reviewer: Jolene Riordan
'Early Morning Birdcalling,' 'Forms and Functions of Fornication,' and 'Listening to Swimming' are just three college courses Carl Rowland does not end up taking in order to attain his bachelor's degree - a degree that he knows better than anyone won't make him any better of a teacher, but that he pursues in order to stay a step ahead of the system and it's ever-broadening set of imposed requirements. The Pedagogue is an honest, frank look at the struggles and successes of a rural elementary school teacher who is under-appreciated and underpaid, but who knows his own worth and the importance of his work. The path he's set for himself is a hard one, but he overcomes each obstacle in succession with little complaint. He's someone you can learn alot more than language arts from.

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  I forgot to rate this book! , 08/27/2007
Reviewer: Jolene Riordan
I was so caught up in reviewing Mr. Roll's book (see below) I forgot to give it a rating! I highly recommend reading it.

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  Simply Extraordinary , 02/15/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Montgomery
A simple story of an ordinary man and his struggles with the complexity of life and all that it entails. A story and a man that everyone can identify with.

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  A delightful contrast , 03/05/2007
Reviewer: Alison Okinaka
Charley Roll recounts the ups and downs of teaching in rural Montana during the school year and working on the railroad during the summer. His book is full of dry good humor and acute observation, as he adapts to these two very different situations. This book reminded me of Ivan Doig's best Montana books.

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  A must read , 03/17/2007
Reviewer: Kentucky
A must read for anyone in education. A another example about how much sacrifice the "greatest" generation went thru to give their family a better way of life. I wonder how Mr.Rowland wod deal with "no child left behind" ?

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  A good read; well worth the price , 05/05/2007
Reviewer: Arthur Broom
For anyone interested in education at all levels in rural, mid-20th century Montana, this is a must. Following a man and his family from the poorest hard-scrabble existence to, finally, the respect and financial stability so richly deserved is intriguing. The salty language is an accurate reflection of the times, as is the changing educational milieu to which the pedagogue had to adapt. Fascinating!

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  I loved this book!!!! , 06/12/2008
Reviewer: Barb Hansen
Laugh! Cry! Struggle alongside Carl as he "becomes" and "stays" a teacher/principal, while raising a family and experiencing life in Montana. How does one work within the "establishment" and still maintain ones own moral and ethical standards? The Pedagogue shows how he did it. I loved this book on many levels!!! An easy and enjoyable read, we are reminded that the world was a very different place not that long ago. And that, as different we think we are from others, the reality of it is that we all are very much alike. The author kept the story interesting and moving while allowing the reader a peek into the main character's thoughts and convictions, which made him so real. I found his standards and ethics in line with those of, "The Greatest Generation" and a simple reminder that strength; moral, physical, intellectual, spiritual AND a good sense of humor are ALL good for the human soul. Teachers of every age would appreciate and enjoy this. It would do most students some good to read this too. WOULD I RECOMMENDED THIS TO A FRIEND? ABSOLUTELY Being the same generations as the sons in this book I enjoyed the integrity and standards of the main character. The complexity and diversity

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