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A Journey of Fear: The Flight of the Anasazi from Chaco to Mesa Verde

Joseph M. Casero (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5392-4 ©2009
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 188 pages
Category/Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / General

Strong Pillar, transfixed and speechless, looked up at the sheer cliff walls of the canyon; when he finally regained his voice he shouted “here is the mountain fortress we have been looking for.”

This book is the story of the migration of the Pueblo Chico Anasazi from the Chaco Canyon area of New Mexico to Mesa Verde, Colorado, and of the causes which led to this historic event.

The great drought, the social breakdown, the dictatorial decrees from Pueblo Bonito and the intimidation are the factors that led the inhabitants of the tiny outlier to seek refuge far to the north in their ancestral lands. There conditions were much different and life much harsher, but safer. It details the extraordinary efforts of some individuals for the safety of the common good. The physical problems encountered during the migration, and the enormous risks that were taken by the tribe are brought to life.

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Customer Reviews

  A Story that Needed Telling , 08/16/2009
Reviewer: Charlie Garcia
The author puts a face on the Anasazi, perhaps truer than many would like to believe- one of courage, ingenuity, loyalty and honor. The Anasazi, after all were the master builders of the Southwest and left their rich legacy for all of us to see. This book is especially suited to young adults.

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  A Historical Mystery Explained , 09/10/2009
Reviewer: Robert Thompson
This Journey of Fear details, with suprising clearity, the reasons for the abandonment of the Chaco Canyon by a group of people that chose freedom over opression. It is a good portrayal of the the Anasazi as a people. The extraordinary measures they took to outwit their internal enemies by building the fortress like cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde are short of incredible. This is a good read for young folks but would certainly interest older folks alike.

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  Flight to Freedom , 09/28/2009
Reviewer: Kennard Balme
The author must have been with the clan on their flight to freedom. His depiction of characters, places, hardships, fortitude and love-of-your-brother are infused with life in this vivid portrayal of a difficult escape from oppression and tyranny. It's a teaching tome as well as a story of survival; any young adult could take away many lessons in how to live one's life and the associated difficulties that have to be overcome. These lessons are as relevant today as they were to the Anasazi clan. The book reads quickly. I'm waiting for the sequel to see how they're doing as they've aged and matured and who the new leaders are.

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