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Memories of Magdalene

Linda M. Moore (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5425-4 ©2009
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 183 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Spirituality

Pledged since childhood, Magdalene and Jeshua united in love and a shared sacred purpose. Despite challenges and adversity, his profoundly wise teaching, and their love story, changed the world forever.

A twentieth-century woman discovers through meditation and past life regression the greatest love story in history, the magnificent love shared by Mary Magdalene and Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth). Drawn to the life of Jeshua and Magdalene since childhood, she sees through Magdalene’s eyes, witnessing their courtship, marriage, and shared mission, reliving the heartbreak of the crucifixion, the joy of Jeshua’s resurrection, and the struggle to protect her family from those who wished to destroy it. The emotional depth of her experiences cannot be denied and the channeled information adds rich detail to this unique perspective of the life of Mary Magdalene.

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Customer Reviews

  OMG!!! , 06/29/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer Morgan
This book gave me goose bumps!!! I knew that what I heard in church growing up didnt ring true to me at all. In reading this book, all of the missing pieces fell into place for me. Fineally a book that paints Jeshua as a real person who loved a real woman, instead of some untouchable figure. Kudos to Linda for having the courage to write such an amazing book!!!!

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  A book that grabs you! , 07/10/2009
Reviewer: Peter Johns
The courage of this author is surpassed only by the wondrous journey of the story. From her brutal honesty to the eloquent descriptions, the reader is transported through time and space. You do not read this book; you experience the life of its words as a willing participant, a wonderful and moving saga. I thank my Higher Power for putting Linda in my life, and for this book, which has changed my life.

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  Fantastic! , 07/10/2009
Reviewer: Dorothy Putz
Fantastic! A truly historical document that may surpass other writings previously written, and possibly ever to be written, about the life of Mary Magdalene. She was a strong but loving woman well beyond what was expected of the times. Amazingly, she met the challenge of being the wife and companion to who we know to be Jesus. A gripping account of Magdalene's life with Jeshua be Joseph. It brings one not only to the point of heart-wrenching tears, but becomes naturally alive within the reader as really being there; present with the Master.

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