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War Brought Trials and Anxiety at Home and Overseas

Catherine C. Brooks (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5494-7 ©2009
Price: $14.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 229 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs

Pearl Harbor bombed! At war! Ships torpedoed in the Atlantic—survivor’s stories. Rationing, salvaging, blackouts, hardships, and waiting at home. Diaries, love letters, and news recall emotional events.

War Brought Trials and Anxiety at Home and Overseas begins the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Lifestyles changed at home with our men, and then 18-year-old boys, leaving for overseas. Rationing, salvaging, blackouts and women working became the norm. The Germans missed no time in sinking our ships, bringing essentials. Survivor’s stories bring horror. Love letters bring tears, as does, stories of those who survived prison camps, and internment in places the Japanese seized. Diaries recorded events and conditions that one couldn’t write in censored letters. Pictures released after the war tell more than words in love letters.

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Customer Reviews

  War Brought , 08/29/2009
Reviewer: Mary Montaque Sikes
For well over half a century, Catherine C. Brooks carried a box of treasured letters with her whereever she moved. ... Much of the book was inspired by the letters written by her late husband, Kirby brooks. The letters begin with boot camp in June 1944 and continue through the time he was based in the Philippine Islands following the end of the war. Some of the war in the Aleutian Islands is documented by entries in a diary kept by "Carr" Bowling. Brooks gives stories and facts from research she has done in newspapers published during 1942 and 1945. She tells about the Mathews County men serving on merchant ships in the Caribbean that were taken over by the government following the Pearl Harbor attack. ... She writes, "History only gives statistics, but I have tried to show in addition to these facts how World War II affected people's emotions and future lives."

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  War Brought Trials and Anxiety , 10/08/2009
Reviewer: Karyn Austin
Catherine allows incredulous insight to the personal side of war, the stories that are NOT told in history books. The poignant recollections from servicemen who are our local friends, neighbors and loved ones, invoke a warm sense of pride and connection even to those who are too young to know of World War II. Catherine charts undocumented history, revealing how Virginia and Mathews County were an important oart of our country's wartime legacy. Our prized watermen were a chice commodity for the Navy. Local recruits brought to the service the adaptive ingenuity and survival skills honed by years of rationed rural life. A Virginia man was the first to pilot a plane onto Japanese soil. With every oage of the book we discover the humble heroes that are still part of our community, and we feel compelled to recognize and hold them forever in our hearts. Catherine's personal gift to her readers is sharing intimate etails of memories and treasured letters, lets us all become emotionally attached to the time when the world was at war. Kirby's letters let us know that war extended to the spirtual realm. Faith was tested and tempted on many levels becoming the soldier's salvation or his tormented demise. The testaments she shares are a lesson for all Christians.

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