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The Write-In

Rose Walker (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5538-2 ©2009
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 118 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

A story of politics, a megalomaniac, middle-age crazy love, and what happens when an unlikely dream team comes together to baffle the professional pundits and politicians (and their minions).

With more than one-third of Americans saying they belong to neither party, it was time for somebody to write a field manual for politics outside the box. “The Write-In” is the fast-paced Cinderella story of a candidate who does just that: He runs for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives. It’s a rollicking story that opens the curtain to show what goes on behind the screen in electoral politics.

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Customer Reviews

  "The Write-In" is a man for today's politics , 09/18/2009
Reviewer: P. Hallmark
"The Write-In" presents a title character who is an ordinary man with extraordinary convictions. Though fiction, this book suggests that everyone has a role to play in governance--and it's more responsible than just showing up at protests. Pastor Joshua Evans, his wife Juanita, and their friends play the political game to their own rules. This is a compelling story that can be read in an evening or two. The election in this story gets attention because, besides the usual party nominees, there are TWO write-in candidates running--and they are both more interesting and competent than either the GOP candidate or the Democrat candidate.

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  , 09/20/2009

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  A blueprint for political shakeup of the status quo , 09/23/2009
Reviewer: R.D. Matthews
Rose Walker has provided us with a brilliantly-crafted roadmap to a solution for the politically disaffected who believe their hidebound political parties have left them behind in their cynical pursuit of money and power. Rather than catch a bus to Washington and wave a sign, The Write In candidate, Joshua Evans, dares to challenge the Houston political establishment and power brokers to mount a campaign for a seat in the state legislature. His path and methods form the backbone of the radical idea of "to run is to win," and his passion and voice shake the foundation of conventional wisdom in the Bayou City. This a must read for those desire "no voter left behind," and who want to "walk the talk."

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  Especially Timely in Today's Climate , 11/11/2009
Reviewer: Chuck Myers
I found Rose Walker's novella, "The Write-In," to be a fun and easy read, and strategically filled with enough twists and turns to hold my interest from beginning to end. As your basic non-politico, I felt the behind-the-scenes intrigue was especially enlightening and informative. The vivid descriptions of Houston's Northeast Side brought back plenty of memories for a longtime resident.

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