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Golf Tournaments 101: The Guidebook for Charity Fundraiser Golf Tournaments

Mel Lewis (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6077-7 ©2011
Price: $29.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 125 pages
Category/Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities

A Guide Book explaining in simple terms, everything a charity needs to know about conducting a successful one-day fundraiser golf tournament. Included is a CD with 30-plus user friendly files.

Golf Tournaments 101: A guide book to show charities and organizations how to raise money by holding a one-day fundraiser golf tournament. Step-by-step, everything they need to know about setting up and running a successful event is explained in simple terms. Even people with no knowledge of golf can put a tournament together. There is a CD included with over thirty user friendly files. For example; an advertising flyer, golfer registration-forms, entry-forms and golf tournament rule-sheets. This is a must have book for; charities, event-planners, schools, religious groups and booster-clubs. It is also an informative reference guide for golf professionals.

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Customer Reviews

  , 07/10/2011
Reviewer: Jeff Lyle
Mel lends his phenomenal experience and attention to detail in an effort to provide seemless golf tournaments for the benefit of worthy causes around the world. This work will no doubt touch many lives as more profitable and successful events will increase participation, donations, and enjoyment of all. Thank you so much Mel!!!

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  As Good As It Gets , 07/19/2011
Reviewer: Ed Gradinger
Mel definitely writes from experience. He put Braemar Country Club on the map as one of the premier Clubs to go to in the Los Angeles area for Charity Tournaments. This book is a must read for anyone who plans to attract Charity Tournaments to their golf course. Well done Mel.

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  Doesn't Get Any Better , 07/25/2011
Reviewer: John D. Yozzo
Anyone planning a Tournament must absolutely have Golf Tournaments 101 by Mel Lewis. I have run multiple charity tourneys at Braemar CC and Mel's knowledge, guidance and support have proven invaluable. He's a master of his trade . . and an unbelievably generous individual. This book is destined to become an industry "bible". John D. Yozzo

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  Must have for tournaments , 08/10/2011
Reviewer: Tom Szwedzinski
This book is a compilation of years of experience in the tournament business. Mel's vast experience and attention to details come through loud and clear in this comprehensive book on how to run a world class golf event. This book is a must have if you ever have run or even play in golf events. I have run hundreds of golf events and I learned a great deal by reading and applying the ideas in this book. Tom Szwedzinski PGA/CMAA

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  A must read for groups needing to raise money , 08/13/2011
Reviewer: Mark
Mel Lewis has created a must read for any association, charity or groups that would like to raise money, recognize constituents or simply provide a great experience for members or patrons. What makes this step by step book so valuable is not only the lifetime of expereince Mel provides the reader, but Mel goes a step further and provides a CD with all the templates anyone would need to ensure their golf tournament a success. Well done Mel!

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  a tournament organizing necessity , 08/19/2011
After Mel Lewiis arrived at Braemar CC in Tarzana, Ca., tournament participation soared and the number of outside events increased dramatically. By utilizing the principles contained in his book, the efficiency and operation of the tournaments make them alot more fun to play in. I really like his Polish-Peoria format, amongst others, because it really levels the playing field and gives the players a more oequitable chance. This book is a necessity for any golf entity that wishes to make their events a success for everyone.

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  What you need to know about running a golf tournament , 10/15/2012
Reviewer: Ron Cherney
If you or your organization wants to put on a charity golf tournament, Mel's book is a must. He leaves nothing out and makes it easy to have the day go as smooth as possible. Mel is a prince of a guy and has run hundreds of tournaments. Good stuff!!!

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  Great Read Full of Information , 11/18/2015
Reviewer: Ron Abraham
The goal was have a local fund raising golf tournament in October 2015. We had plenty of time but being new to putting a tournament together when we got down to the wire we had to call it off as we did not think that we had a quality product. That was after must research and reading. We came across the Golf Tournament 101 by Mel Lewis. What a difference this book has made. It steps you through every aspect of putting a golf tournament together. You have to size for what you want but every bit of information is there. The simple to use tools that come on the disk can easily be modified to fit your tournament. Great book filled with the information to be successful. We are now going to modify what we had are well on the way to have a quality local fund raising tournament is late September or early October 2016. Easy reading and informative.

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