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Quarterback with the Emerald Eyes

David Courson (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6617-1 ©2011
Price: $26.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 636 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Gay

QBWTEE is a powerful love story of gay youth in today’s world. Todd and Blake love each other, but with inner demons alive, is love enough to keep them together?

Quarterback with the Emerald Eyes is just another story about falling in love. There is the football jock, Todd Blyth, who is seemingly perfect. There is Blake Moore, the quiet geek whose religious family is keeping him close. By the oddest of chances, in the most untraditional of ways, they meet. As they grow together, they face the challenges of high school, coming out, and the beginning of college as gay youth, using each other for support through the best and the worst of it. The first in a quartet, Quarterback illustrates the beauty and the tragedy of young love.

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Customer Reviews

  What a fantastic story. , 08/05/2011
Reviewer: Herb Kreiter
When reading this story, I was drawn into the world that I actually felt like I was a part of their world. The ups and downs that these boys go through reminded me of my coming out. I think this is an excellent book for those of thinking of coming out, and for those who just like a good love story.

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  Great Book, Must Buy , 08/07/2011
Reviewer: Filipe
This book will make you laugh, cry, happy, sad, and all the emotions in between! This is definitely a book that many can enjoy and I encourage everyone to pick it up! I also hear that there will be more books following this story! So if you like gay love stories, you'll love this one! This isn't just a sex story but it is an emotional roller coaster that will take you on the ride of your life!

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  WOW , 08/21/2011
Reviewer: Kev
Now I maybe from England and have never been to an American football match before or a basketball game come to think of it, but I know good writing when I read it. I fell in love with Todd and Blake and the whole story ... I cried with them and found myself on tender hooks when ever I could not read it... I LOVE IT !

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  Amazing , 03/23/2012
Reviewer: David
I was actually lucky enough to have read this book before it was actually a book. I came acrossed it while searching for gay romance writings online. David was uploading chapters every month or so, and thus the book was born. When I was reading the book I wasn't in the best place in my life. Todd and Blakes love for eachother and reading the things they overcame gave me hope for my life, and even saved it. I read QBWTEE entirely from Davids monthly chapters and even got a taste of the next book in the series before the book was published and the articles removed. I can't wait for book two to come out, I've been dying to see what really happens.

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