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Is This January

Afton R. Lambert (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-8022-0 ©2012
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 212 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / General

After losing her mother, teenage beauty Jan fears she’ll also lose the family farm on the outskirts of Paws Creek. Against the advice of her best friend, Maggie, Jan schemes to hook up with Mr. Dunn, a very wealthy older widower and owner of the diner where Jan’s mother worked. However, Mr. Dunn harbors great secrets of his own. Just when Jan starts to make an effort to win the affections of Mr. Dunn, an intriguing stranger appears and ignites passions Jan never experienced before. Jan’s only income is the money she earns daily from her vegetable stand. Unfortunately, two drifters with criminal records have their eye on Jan’s money and worse. Despite the vicious attack, Jan is able to keep her wits, winging one of the intruders with her .38 special. After a night in jail for her trouble, she is placed in the custody of a wealthy benefactor . At first, Jan is furious about the disruption to her plans, but the flashbacks she has at the farm while packing, make it easier for her to accept her fate. In the hotel room that night, she has time to think about her situation and regret her earlier tantrum. The next morning, she calls Steve into her room to apologize. For Steve, this is like seeing the canary call the cat inside, because Jan was not the only one whose passions were ignited when they first met. When Jan arrives at the estate, she is awed by the impressive English-style home surrounded by exquisite rose gardens and outbuildings. Shortly, though, Jan starts to feel surprisingly like a prisoner in the lovely yet lonely guest house that sits to the back of the grounds. Jan’s only visitor is Alana, the voluptuous housekeeper. Unfortunately, Alana has plans of her own, and those plans do not include Jan. As Jan becomes increasingly more isolated, she begins to suspect that Alana is not the fast friend she appears to be. When Alana discovers Jan’s attempt to verify the truth, she decides the only option is to remove Jan from the equation. Will Steve be able to uncover the truth before it is too late for Jan?

Seventeen year old Jan Brent and her mother lived on a small farm on the outskirts of Paw’s Creek. Her mother worked in town at the diner as a waitress. Due to her mother’s death, Jan had been left to fend for herself.
Faced with finding a way to keep the farm, she comes up with a scheme that involves a wealthy ol’ friend of the family’s… her mother’s boss.
Her one close friend Maggie Madison tries desperately to talk /shame her out of it. As fate would have it, a truck breaks down next to Jan’s farm and out steps Steve York.

That’s where the story takes off.

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Customer Reviews

  Sizzler , 01/05/2013
Reviewer: Mark P. Sadler (Author)
In her debut novel Lambert treats us to a scorching hot Southern sizzler. When seventeen-year old Jan’s mother dies the young lady decides to tough it out, taking care of the farm, all the chores, up-keep and finances, by herself. With money dwindling from the farmer’s market stand young Jan hatched up a plot to find a rich widower to marry and save the family inheritance. Unfortunately the pickings are slim in this small town, and unbeknownst to Jan the one she has an eye on, Mr. Dunn, has his own mysterious past. When a stranger’s truck breaks down outside her home Jan gets an eye-full of Steve, but recalls her mother’s wisdom about not getting involved with a truck driver and so lets him leave without hardly a-by-your-leave. Little does she know the feelings she has stirred up in Steve, someone else who is not what he appears to be. It all comes to a climax when two strangers come to town invade her little home and brutally attack the two girls. Jan, a local prize winning sharp-shooter, wings one of her attackers and in the ensuing investigation the teenager is to be removed from her home and put into care. From here the book takes a surprise turn on several different levels, and I could have done with a few more chapters to make this almost bodice-ripper of a thriller climax, however in the end we are all well satisfied. An enterprising debut from an exciting new storyteller. Review by Mark P. Sadler, author of Blood On His Hands

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  Great book , 03/09/2013
Reviewer: James Underwood, Sr.
I slipped the book away from my wife and read it in a day & a half. It's a great book!! Can't believe this is Afton Lambert's first novel. I started reading IS THIS JANUARY and literally could not put it down. Just kept wanting to get to the next page! It's full of suspense, funny at times, and yet is a good love story. (see, men enjoy love stories too.)... EVERYONE should read this book!! It has something for everyone to enjoy!.... I'll be looking forward to Ms. Lambert's next book!! So get busy Afton Lambert!!

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  Is This January , 03/21/2013
Reviewer: Georgetta Underwood
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Afton Lambert's book! The author has such a vivid imagination & each chapter holds you in it's grip & impels you to hurry to get to the next chapter; and the next after that. It's hard to put down. I feel that I know each individual character personally!! I would recommend this book for anyone to read; from older teens to eighty, men or women! Hope Mrs. Lambert follows with another book. I'm sure it would be as exciting & enjoyable to read as this one. I'm ordering three more books for a few of my friends... I think we have a new & great writer here!!

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