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Afton R. Lambert
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Chesapeake, Virginia

As a young resident of the Edgewater Home for Girls after her grandmother passed away, Afton Lambert discovered a love for storytelling, while whispering bedtime stories to the other children. Later, marriage and children gave her a family of her own. During her husband Paul's illness, she again turned to storytelling as a safe haven, staying up into the late hours of the night crafting the stories that provided an escape for both of them. This is her first novel.

Selected works by this author:
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Is This January
After losing her mother, teenage beauty Jan fears she’ll also lose the family farm on the outskirts of Paws Creek. Against the advice of her best friend, Maggie, Jan schemes to hook up with Mr. Dunn, a very wealthy older widower and owner of the diner where Jan’s mother worked. However, Mr. Dunn harbors great secrets of his own. Just when Jan starts to make an effort to win the affections of Mr. Dunn, an intriguing stranger appears and ignites passions Jan never experienced before. Jan’s only income is the money she earns daily from her vegetable stand. Unfortunately, two drifters with criminal records have their eye on Jan’s money and worse. Despite the vicious attack, Jan is able to keep her wits, winging one of the intruders with her .38 special. After a night in jail for her trouble, she is placed in the custody of a wealthy benefactor . At first, Jan is furious about the disruption to her plans, but the flashbacks she has at the farm while packing, make it easier for her to accept her fate. In the hotel room that night, she has time to think about her situation and regret her earlier tantrum. The next morning, she calls Steve into her room to apologize. For Steve, this is like seeing the canary call the cat inside, because Jan was not the only one whose passions were ignited when they first met. When Jan arrives at the estate, she is awed by the impressive English-style home surrounded by exquisite rose gardens and outbuildings. Shortly, though, Jan starts to feel surprisingly like a prisoner in the lovely yet lonely guest house that sits to the back of the grounds. Jan’s only visitor is Alana, the voluptuous housekeeper. Unfortunately, Alana has plans of her own, and those plans do not include Jan. As Jan becomes increasingly more isolated, she begins to suspect that Alana is not the fast friend she appears to be. When Alana discovers Jan’s attempt to verify the truth, she decides the only option is to remove Jan from the equation. Will Steve be able to uncover the truth before it is too late for Jan? read more
by Afton R. Lambert ~ 0-7414-8022-0 ©2012
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