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The Obsidian Mask

Caroline Ludovici (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-7064-0 ©2011
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 298 pages
Category/Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure

An exciting desert adventure, where Natasha and her brother, are kidnapped with two Italian teens, for a priceless Mesopotamian artifact unearthed by their archaeologist parents from an ancient Warrior-Queen’s tomb. The first book in the series.

Natasha and Alex imagined their long awaited trip from London to visit their archaeologist mother’s excavation would be amazing. After all, the team was uncovering the tomb of an ancient Mesopotamian Warrior Queen and her fascinating, precious possessions. But almost immediately upon their arrival in Medinabad, they are ambushed at gunpoint en-route to the camp, and the shaken children doubt things could get any worse. But they are wrong. Reluctantly thrown together with two Italian teens visiting their father at the dig, the four embark on a thrilling desert adventure that will tie them together… in more ways than one.

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Customer Reviews

  The Obsidian Mask: An adventure for young teens , 01/15/2012
Reviewer: Leslie
This exciting tale interweaves ancient history, archaeology and a modern story of contemporary families. Experienced from the teenaged characters' perspectives, 'The Obsidian Mask' gave my daughter an appreciation for cultures that have preceded us, and an understanding of the importance of seeing the good in others, as the children in this book grow to do. Each chapter gave us something to talk about as the book unfolded. It feels like this could be the start of a series, so we hope to read book number two soon.

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