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. Reynaldo
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Prince George's County, Maryland

Reynaldo Casison is the author of “A Poet’s Quest for the Eternal Flower”. He enjoys the environment, sports, and the arts. This is his second volume of heartfelt poetry. Look forward to hearing a taste of spoken word on upcoming albums by indie hip hop artists, Antedote, Permanent Ink, and drum n= bass duo, Rock n Bass.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
A Poet's Quest for the Eternal Flower
A Poet’s Quest for the Eternal Flower is a modern day epic journey which shall enrapture your senses and enliven your being. read more
by . Reynaldo ~ 0-7414-2189-5 ©2005
Price: $11.95

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2 .
I Dream a Lucid Beauty (Song Poems and Poem Songs)
A soul-stirring eclectic marriage of luminous Poetry and Song. This inspired collection reads like a scintillating symphony singing to everyone who appreciates timeless musicality. read more
by . Reynaldo ~ 0-7414-2542-4 ©2005
Price: $10.95

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