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Ryan Andrew Hanson
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Longview, Texas

An award-winning fine artist and essayist, Ryan A. Hanson has a passion to bring greater awareness to life’s magnificent design to help release humanity’s potential for further progress in civilization. His background and experience range from both Seminary and Liberal Arts educations to worldwide service as a Marine Corps Veteran. When not expressing nature’s beauty on canvas, he’s helping us decipher its mysteries in ways we can understand in words . . . providing the often elusive Answer to true meaning and purpose that most spend a lifetime never to find.

Selected works by this author:
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Cyborgenics: The Merging of Man and Machine
Cyborgenics confronts us with past, present, and highly possible—if not inevitable—future realities as we observe a trend in fast becoming one with our incredibly shrinking machines seeking to improve upon our humanity. read more
by Ryan Andrew Hanson ~ 0-7414-3770-8 ©2007
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