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E. R. Margis
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

E. R. Margis, born 1937, U.S.A. Education 12th grade level plus trade related courses. Occupation before retirement, Journeyman plumber licensed by the state to carry on the work of the trade. Military service: two years U.S. ,Army.

This work “The Man Who Saw Space and Time” will probably be my last since if all such works take 30 years to complete. I am pleased with my writings, they are not perfect they are not as elegant as some write, but I believe they will be useful in a troubled world. As concerns my own future, God willing I shall ease back, pet my cat, watch the clouds go by and try and stay out of the way of traffic.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Man Who Saw Space and Time
We have entered a new age, the age of Aquarius and author E. R. Margis brings you a theory of Space, Time and Energy to go with it. The theory in The Man Who Saw Space and Time has been thirty years in the making, and well worth the wait. read more
by E. R. Margis ~ 0-7414-4386-4 ©2008
Price: $16.95

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2 .
I Am Universe
There is no short description available for this title. read more
by E. R. Margis ~ 0-7414-6003-3 ©2010
Price: $15.95

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3 .
The Man Who Saw Space and Time: Second Edition
From Infinity comes The Man Who Saw Space and Time. This is science of the future today. It identifies “The Soul” of the Universe, the location of energy in a wave, the nature of space and time, and much more. read more
by E. R. Margis ~ 0-7414-6214-1 ©2010
Price: $16.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

4 .
The Heart of Reality
“The Heart of Reality”, deals with the structure of the universe, it’s basic components, and their relationships. Walk the paths of space-time with the author, And hear nature’s heart beat. read more
by E. R. Margis ~ 1-4958-0065-2 ©2014
Price: $15.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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