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Wally Hillman
Roanoke, Virginia

The war as the vehicle that brought us together at just the right moment for both of us. Katherine was not in a serious relationship with anyone and neither was I. She was a stunning, beautiful young woman with just enough freckles to betray her farm girl, exposed-to-the-sun upbringing. She exuded a disarming aura of no pretend, Southern belle, shy, genteel innocence.

I watched them go into that motel. My room is just across the hall from hers. It is late Sunday afternoon, she still has not returned to the YWCA.

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River of Love "By Way of War"
Young people tell me their father, grandfather, or others were in WWII and how they regret not sitting down and asking them to share their experiences during the war. Now they are gone, taking their interesting, exciting, personal stories with them forever. read more
by Wally Hillman ~ 0-7414-4765-7 ©2008
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