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Christine R. Swager
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Christine R.  Swager
Moore, South Carolina

Christine Swager is a retired educator, having taught in the College of Education at The University of South Carolina. When teachers pointed out the scarcity of literature for their students concerning the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution, Dr. Swager determined to address that need. This is her fifth book on the Revolutionary War written for teachers, young adults and a general readership. She has a passion for the great militia leaders in the south: Francis Marion, Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke and writes about the contributions these men made in the fight for America’s independence.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Heroes of Kettle Creek
The Revolutionary War was violent beyond imagination. It was a time of bravery and brutality; courage and cowardice; trust and treason. Georgia was immersed in it all! read more
by Christine R. Swager ~ 0-7414-5040-2 ©2008
Price: $12.95

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Musgrove Mill Historic Site
On 19 August 1780, a battle was fought at Musgrove’s Mill on the Enoree River in the backcountry of South Carolina. A Patriot force of militia from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina (now Eastern Tennessee) overwhelmed a much larger force of British Provincials and Loyalists. The British suffered heavy casualties and fled from the field. It was one of the decisive victories for the Patriots, but the site was overlooked for over two hundred years. It was finally established as the Musgrove Mill State Historic Site in 2003. This is the story of that site. read more
by Christine R. Swager ~ 0-7414-8344-0 ©2013
Price: $13.45

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