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Philip E. Moore
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Aubrey, Texas

Philip Moore is a career Air Force missileman. He spent his life working with the missiles and warriors who operate them that he writes about in Death From Below, lending credibility to its details and sense of reality. A first time novelist, Moore has numerous articles and short stories published in military and civilian trade journals, and commercial magazines. His military background ensures Death From Below is heavily endowed with the history of the Air Force’s missile programs, providing an accurate background for the character plot. Will On Th' Hill enjoys similar accuracy - much of it based on his own teenage experiences. It's truly a nostalgic return to the 50s. Some main characters star in both novels.

Selected works by this author:
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Death From Below
Dave hates rival Pete. His objective: sabotage Pete’s military career and marriage. Dave’s transgressions eventually provide Pete payback opportunity. The dilemma: does a bad man’s treachery justify a good man’s revenge? read more
by Philip E. Moore ~ 0-7414-6065-3 ©2010
Price: $18.95

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2 .
Will on Th' Hill
Will and Pete are typical teenagers; absorbed with cars and conquests rather than their futures. One is less prepared than the other. The other knows where he is going—he hopes. read more
by Philip E. Moore ~ 0-7414-6772-0 ©2011
Price: $20.95

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