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Aubrey Gurley
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Rochester, Washington

I have a need to know and to understand what is written in the Word of God. I decided to see if that book was true or not true, would it stand on its own merits? The Bible proves itself true and that what we discover in archeology is true. God’s Word will indeed stand on its own foundation, it needs none other. My goal is to present the truth to as many as can be reached, and to whosoever will listen. Freedom is my goal, God’s Word is freedom.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Messiah
The Messiah, who is he and what did he come here for? His name is Lord God the Word, because he came here to tell us about God, to teach us the how and why we need to serve the true God and him alone. He told us that he is eternal. He told us that we were created by him to serve him and in turn he would provide and care for us. This book shows his teaching, frustrations, prayer life, and goals. My goal is to help others understand the Scriptures and thereby become stronger in the faith. read more
by Aubrey Gurley ~ 0-7414-8279-7 ©2013
Price: $71.95

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2 .
Man Verses God
The greatest story ever told is the story of the creation of man and God’s relationship with him. This is the story of the restoration of the earth from a waste and void condition to a livable state for humanity. It contains the story of the failure of Lucifer and the creation of man; the destruction of humanity by Noah’s Flood, the great apostasy, and the birth of the children of Israel on through the rule of the judges and the inauguration of king Saul. read more
by Aubrey Gurley ~ 0-7414-9674-7 ©2013
Price: $32.95

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3 .
Kings of Israel: Book One
The kings of Israel; who are these kings, what was their life like? This first book; The Kings of Israel - Book One, begins with the life of the prophet Samuel, his life and steadfast obedience to Jehovah God and his honest and upright service to the people. read more
by Aubrey Gurley ~ 9781495807299 ©2015
Price: $37.95

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