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Peter Vajda, Ph.D.
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Atlanta, Georgia

Peter Vajda, Ph.D., C.P.C. is an astute observer of human behavior and a passionate pioneer in the field of integrative functioning and human development. His experience as an entrepreneur, an educator, a facilitator, and a manager inform his work as a coach, consultant and facilitator. Peter earned his Ph.D. in Education and Cognitive Psychology from Fordham University. His post-graduate work is in organizational behavior at NYU's Stern School of Business. Dr. Vajda is a regular contributor to the widely-acclaimed international website.

Selected works by this author:
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Becoming A Better You: Who You Are vs. Who You Think You Are
Becoming a Better You is a conscious journey of self-development with practical and accessible tools, exercises and practices for uncovering and eliminating blocks and barriers to living a full, rich and productive life. It follows a methodical, constant questioning and self-examination, requiring perseverance, focus and a constant awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, and body; including one's breathing. This book will help the reader realize their full potential – moving from self-deceptions to one's own destined perfection, by looking at an issue from every angle and asking the questions that really matter, which will help change one's life. read more
by Peter Vajda, Ph.D. ~ 0-7414-9823-5 ©2013
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