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Robert Thomas
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Savannah, Georgia

The author is a yet-to-be-well-known satirist in the field of socio-political humor. He has many years of leadership experience in U.S. manufacturing industries which has sharpened his cynicism, but also brought him to realize the humor of it all when taken with the proper weighting of seriousness. He has published one other book, Tales of Obamaland, which takes satirical pokes at politics and business in a Dr. Seuss-like style. The author has operated a satire blog at for a number of years featuring whimsical stories from a place not so far away.

Selected works by this author:
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Bizarreville Campfire Stories
Like to be scared? Bizarreville Campfire Stories is an outrageous collection of 36 amusing little fables that, in the rich tradition of the hair-raising tales told around blazing timbers, could terrify even the most hardened taxpaying citizen out of his or her thick skin. This is the lore of Bizarreville, a mystical spot of odd, whacky, whimsical inhabitants who seem strangely familiar. Jump aboard the Warpenator time machine carting Karl Marx to the 21st century to help ignite a new socialism movement. Sympathize with a poor tax-and-spendaholic struggling to deal with his debilitating condition. See what happens when a small country renowned for its production of goat cheese forces industry to take the stink out of cheese, and goes bankrupt. Watch the demise of Customer Service, replaced with an ingenious low-touch marketing concept that hair dryer makers had already perfected. Feel the internal struggles of a poor donkey who thinks he is a gazelle, albeit a husky one. Track the growth of War Inc, as they convince country after country to outsource their war business to seasoned pros, but are unexpectedly ambushed by a war discounter. Meet Fred Ponzi who has finally gotten sick and tired of the scheme jokes besmirching his name, and decides to turn the tables. Imagine when the war on obesity becomes literal, and the ding-dongs start flying. There is so much more. When the campfire burns its last ember and the final story has been read, while you are shivering in your sleeping bag, you will be thankful that you do not live in a place as scary and crazy as Bizarreville. Or do you? read more
by Robert Thomas ~ 0-7414-8488-9 ©2013
Price: $17.45

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The Obamanation
Sure, there were a lot of chumps who bellyached when the President changed the name of the country to The Obamanation to honor his predecessor. But the ensuing cavalcade of freedom-ectomies to reward shirkers rather than workers, force businesses to consider cheesy options, extinguish the NFL and replace it with a touch football league, forsake innocent habs, and outlaw French fries and Tootsie Rolls has finally become too much for Jack and Sally, as they find themselves inadvertently lighting off a firestorm among Obamanon citizens. Can a little bird help turn the worm? read more
by Robert Thomas ~ 1-4958-0266-3 ©2014
Price: $12.95

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Lame Duck
Lame Duck is a hysterical story of political satire that follows the misadventures of the US President, a corporate CEO, and a renowned doctor in their final week before retirement. read more
by Robert Thomas ~ 9781495811654 ©2016
Price: $15.95

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